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Property Investor - Entrepreneur - Self Development

Stephen Duncombe

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Let's build your property portfolio and level up your investing capabilities, together

My mission is to transform beginners into pros by teaching proven property investing methods I use myself, that allowed my to quit my job and become financially free. To get started, subscribe below to our regular Property Investing newsletter to get access to industry insights and inspiration.

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Meet Stephen

Property investor, entrepreneur and dad

From the UK, Stephen started investing in London property in 1997. Since then he has bought and sold many residential and commercial properties in various countries. 


Stephen started his career as an IT consultant and spent many years working for large blue chip companies such as IBM, Ford Motor Company and BHP, before starting an online business with his wife and quitting the rat race.


Stephen's passionate about helping others achieve financial success. He shares his knowledge of various property investing strategies on his YouTube channel.

I created a YouTube channel to share my successes, failures, and experiences as a property investor and entrepreneur, to support others  who are or thinking of following a similar path.

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