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Take your property investing to the next level

Transform Your Property Investing Capability: Expand your knowledge and build a profitable property portfolio alongside other experienced Property Investors.

The Journey is Hard & Long, Don't Do It Alone

Self doubt. Knowledge gaps. Procrastination. Overwhelm. Distraction. Fear.

Property investors battle with these struggles every day as they march towards their dreams of achieving financial freedom and living their best life!  Unfortunately the road often travelled is frought with poor decision making, forced errors, expensive mistakes and wasted time.  It's no wonder why 43% of property investors only ever manage to own 1 investment property and a further 39% struggled on to own 2 before they retire.

The pot holed bumpy road is part of the property investor journey!  It won't be straight forward or easy and success isn't guarateed for all who try.  But the probability of success - building a profitable property portfolio so you can live life on your own terms - can be greatly improved. Here's how...


A professional community for Property Investors.

Outdoors Meeting


Connect with other property investors who are on the same mission. Who want to actively participate with other members and encourage each other.  You'll be hand-matched to a mastermind group aligned to fast-track your results.

Helping Hand


Stephen will be available to provide support, thought leadership and answer questions and promote a friendly positive environment where each member will be empowered to be an active participant and support each others journey.

Neoclassical Building


Evolve into the property investor you want to become by taking advantage of the cohort-based training and the communities consolidated expereince and knowledge.  Level up your capability from trusted advisers that have gone before you.


Live Training

There will be regular live training sessions within the community and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions.

Man on His Laptop


Online cohort based training within a positive, friendly and safe environment without judgement. Speed up your ability to learn while on the go via the app or website on-demand.  Ask questions to learn from the comminuty as a collective and Stephen.

Team meeting

Joint Venture

Scaling your property business helps if you can network with other investors, who share the same passion. You'll be hand-matched to other community members that will enable you to join forces and joint venture.

Judgement Free Zone

A community filled with serious property investors who want to succeed.  Void of hate, hype, tyre-kickers, distraction and non-starters.  An eco-system without judgment that nurtures and enables dedicated property investors to show up time and again to make new discoveries, connect with others and level up their potential.


You possess a growth mindset, driven by a clear sense of purpose and motivated to pursue your goals.

You are committed to self-awareness and understand the importance of personal development to achieve success.

You are willing to put in the hard work and take on challenges, embracing the opportunity to learn and grow.

You believe in creating your own luck through strategic thinking, perseverance, and a positive outlook.

If that sounds like you, and if you've been looking for a private community of like-minded property investors to join forces with, then it’s time to take the next step and apply for membership.

Ready To Take Your Property Business To the Next Level?

Great! This is what you need to do.

1. Complete the brief application

2. Sit back and relax. Applications take no more than 3 working days to process. Please be patient while your application is processed.

3. Accept the invite. If we believe you are ready for PIW Pro, you will receive an invite to join via email.

We will never recommend you join PIW Pro if you're not ready for it and that it will truly benefit you.  If you are not ready for pro, don't worry there are other communities available that will be a better fit for the stage you are at.


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