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Confidently Buy Your First Tenanted Commercial Property In The Current Market

In 5 Weeks

Without the Tenant Hassles, Maintenance Costs and Poor Cash Flow Returns

If you're already a property investor, especially one that's been doing it for over five years, you'll be well aware of the constant legislation changes that have impacted the private rented sector, and likley kept you wondering if this property investing lark is really what it's all cracked up to be!

No doubt you've thought, there must be a better way to make money with a lot less hassle and a lot less aggravation. That aggravtation just seems to compound year on year, with the only saving grace right now for investors is that tenant demand is good and rents have been rising. But, can that be sustained because whenever you start to get ahead the government invent a new way to pull everyday landlords back down.  I'm sure you already know that commercial property is treated differently to BTL, HMO and Serviced Accommodation.  

Here's What You Might Not Know

Commercial Property is as Affordable as a BTL

You can buy certain types of tenanted commercial property using the same amount of leverage from a lender as you can from a vanialla buy to let property.  This means for the average investor buying commercial property is no longer a super high deposit play.

Get Rid of High Aggravation Investing

Certain tenanted commercial properties allow you to remove all the tenant questions and on-going hassle of maintenance and repairs, including all day-to-day management of the property.  This helps you achieve an extremely low level of aggravation coupled with lowering your expsoure to these types of risks.

Lock-In Low Risk Yearly Income Stream

Buying the right tenanted commercial property will help you achieve superior cash flow returns for several years. This guarantees a passive income stream for many years instead of 6 months or a year like an AST would.

Gross Rent = Net Rent You Get In Your Bank Account

Unlike residential properties that sees your gross rent eroded every month from all the additional expenses you have to pony up for. With certain tenanted commercial properties the gross rent you receive is the net rent you get to keep. This delivers superior cash flow returns and beats any type of residential strategy such as BTL, HMO's or SA.

They Don't Need To Be Close To Home

It's rare you'll need to visit your tenanted commercial property​. Hence, you can look in any part of the country that makes sense to you.

It's Super Passive - Like... "The 4-Hour Work Year"

Buying the right tenanted commercial property will be like a breath of fresh air!  You'll wonder why you bothered with residential property, when you could've been buying tenanted commercial property that operates on auto pilot for years, even a decade if you can snag the right one. If you want to focus on other things, tenanted commercial property allows you to do exactly that.

Even though buying tenanted commercial property is a no-brainer, the process of buying one while managing risk is anything but.

Buy Tenanted Commercial Property? Great.

But where the heck do I start?

Perhaps in your most courageous moment you've made the commitment to start.

You've opened up google sheets and set your financial goals, set up some alerts on Rightmove and maybe even called some agents.

If you're super committed, maybe you've even invested some of your time in viewing some properties that are nearby on impulse, feeling that you're gaining some momentum.

But even with the best intentions, most would be commercial investors end up procrastinating over the what-if's as other investors swoop in while they remain sidelined.

Here's why most would-be commercial property investors procrastinate:

Without a super clear, risk-minimisation step-by-step approach to buying tenanted commercial property, most would-be commercial investor get completely scared off.

They get stuck thinking too much about all the different things they think make a good investment. But they don't really know what's actually important or how to figure it out when they're looking to buy a commercial property that already has tenants. So, they end up feeling unsure about what to do.

Fortunately for you the number of opportunities hitting the market is always present.

Which means...

Even if you're late to the party, there's still a golden opportunity for you to snag some amazing deals that could knock off your financial goals in one fell swoop.  

That is... if you can avoid the same mistakes other rookie commercial investors make.


Property UpLevel

A Complete System on Buying Tenanted Commercial Property to Make the Most Money in the Quickest Time with the Least Amount of Risk and Aggravation.

I've taken everything I've learning from buying multi-million pound tenanted commercial property in the US and UK and condensed it into an implementation system.

I’ve been buying commercial property since 2013 of various types such as flex space office warehouses, industrial warehouses, retail shops with uppers and office blocks in the UK and US.​

I’ve bought them using creative strategies such as seller finance, as well as traditional ways with all cash and using a mortgage.


I’m excited to give you the opportunity to attend an exclusive 5 week live tenanted commercial property training event like nothing else available right now!  It starts with a full 2 day live group training session that will take you from zero to confidently buying tenanted commercial property for superior cash flow returns with the least amount of risk.

Thumb 3_edited.jpg

This will be a no fluff, all questions answered, full two day workshop on tenanted commercial property investing.  Followed by 4 weeks of further, live all-your-questions-answered sessions, and an opportunity for you to submit your deals for analysis.

If you're fed up with tenant hassles, the never ending maintenance and repair work, property managers (who love giving you problems and invoices to pay), the constant legislation changes and the poor cash flow profits from your BTL portfolio, then this event is for you. I'm not sure if it will ever be repeated live in person with me like this again.

What You'll Learn...

Learn why commercial property investing builds real wealth


7 powerful buying strategies to improve value and cash flow


The ideal tenanted commercial property types to target


How to crunch the numbers, get finance and make offers to achieve maximum returns


How to buy at auction, view and inspect commercial property


How to de-risk your purchase using my bespoke professional due diligence system


How to deal with VAT at purchase, property valuations, capital allowances and business rates


How to manage them and turn them into truly passive investments

How to buy your first tenanted commercial property within 5 weeks to make the most amount of money, in the quickest time, with the least amount of risk and least amount of aggravation.

What You'll Get…

2 Day Workshop.png

Day One

  • Wheel of Wealth - How to build true wealth for you and your family and the approach we will focus on.

  • Why Commercial Property - Pros and cons of commercial property in today's market.

  • 7 Powerful Buying Strategies - Creative approaches to buying and making money from day one.

  • Ideal Commercial Property Types - What to buy and what to avoid and why in today's market.

  • Area Selection Strategy - How to find the right type of area for the right type of commercial property.

  • How To Crunch The Numbers - How to do it like a professional investor does.

  • Talking to Agents - What to ask, when to ask it, how to show credibility.

  • Making Offers That Make Money - How to make offers that get accepted at the price you want to pay.

  • How To Buy at Auction - The best auctions, how to bid and what to look for.

  • How to Not Pay VAT - This can save you lots of money and lots of time and aggravation.

  • How to Get Finance - How to do it and get access to my own broker for your deals.

Day Two

  • Key Tenant Considerations - Types of commercial tenants, risks and mitigation factors for each.

  • Commercial Due Diligence -  The complete system to perform a professional audit on a tenanted commercial property leaving nothing to chance.

  • De-Risking Your Purchase - How to remove risk from your purchase backed by facts

  • Viewing & Inspection - When, what and how to do them.

  • The 3 Key Risks - These are vital to your success.

  • Commercial Leases - What to check, how to manage your solicitor and ask the right questions.

  • Tenant & Seller Interviews Questionnaires - These are critical to your success and will save a costly mistake.

  • Empty Business Rates - How to deal with business rates between tenants.

  • Commercial Valuations - How they work and how to influence the outcome.

  • Service Charges 101 - What are they and how do they work.

  • How To Get Capital Allowances - This part alone can save you tens of thousands of pounds.

  • Invoicing & Management - How to achieve the "4-Hour Work Year."

Plus supporting documentation, pdf guides, workbooks, templates and scripts and access to the recordings. (Value: £1,995)

4 Week Live Q&A / Deal Analysis

Wednesdays on 24 April, May 1, 8 and 15. From 7:30pm to 8:30pm

​​4 weekly Q&A / Deal Analysis zoom sessions starting 24 April 2024 every Wednesday at 7:30pm until May 15. Lasting for approximately 60 minutes each with access to recording if you can't make it live, or want to watch a replay. (Value £1,495).


Tenanted Commercial Property Audit Pro Toolkit™. This includes tenant questionnaire, seller questionnaire, agent property information request and a support manual. (Value £995)

Mock Up UpLevel Due Diligence Pack.png

Property Investing Community - 12 months access, connect, grow and learn with like-minded property investors on the same journey. (Value £995)

Bonus 1.png

Total Value £5,480

All up, that’s £5,480 worth of value, but the true worth of the information is how it can help you make, or save, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of pounds, via the ideas, strategies and techniques discussed.

What’s The Investment?

A fair price based on the value outlined above would price it at £3,000.

However, if you act NOW you’ll qualify for a massive 56% discount, meaning all you’ll pay is

1 Payment

3 Payments

But you’ll need to hurry… spots are limited!

Ready to join

100% Peace Of Mind Guarantee

If you want to reserve your place to ensure you don’t miss out, but need to check something, then here’s what to do. First, book in now while spots are available. Then, after booking, you have 24 hours to change your mind and we will provide you with a full refund. Just send an email to

If you don’t book in though, then you take your chances on spots being available at the prevailing price at that time.

How To Join Up

Simple! Just select the your desired payment option button and fill out your details on that page.

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